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What is legalmarijuanafinde.com?

Legalmarijuanafinder is  a Marijuana directory where

Find a marijuana dispensary near you. Locate a dispensary that you would like to check their menus. Give them a call. And have them on their way. To yours. Legal marijuana dispensary.


Find a marijuana doctor near you. So you can get a prescription in the state where you’re in, so you can legally buy marijuana. Here will be a list of doctors that can provide. The recommendation you need to legally buy marijuana.


This is for marijuana growers to list their products for dispensaries and deliveries to buy their products directly from the grower. So if you’re a grower, make an account here and list your products here so the dispensaries and deliveries can see what you have and they can bid on it. You can also go as a grower too. The marijuana auction and put your products on there. Forbid, hopefully, you’ll get more than what you’re asking.


Legal marijuana Finder is a directory. For people to find. Legal. Recreational storefronts and medical marijuana dispensary’s. In the area geographically closest to them so they can find marijuana near them. Or cannabis deliveries. The old deliver product near them. They can check the menus, find the best prices, look at reviews, see how quality the flower is. So legal marijuana Finder is the best place for businesses to get in touch with people and people to find the businesses that they want to shop at. By looking at the reviews. And the pictures and the prices. An phone numbers and directory’s to the stores that are near them.

Business Review Policy Disclosure

Reviews are an important feature of legal marijuana finder and we take them very seriously. Reviews (positive or negative) will not be removed at the request of Advertisers. Reviews can only be removed or edited if the review is in clear violation of the legal marijuana finder review policy. If there is no evidence of a review violation and/or if the decision of the legalmarijuanafinder.com moderation staff is that the review is in compliance, then the review will not be removed. Review of advertisers and non-advertisers, regardless of status, are treated identically and objectively using the same guidelines and terms. Note: An Advertiser submitting reviews for other Advertisers listings is a violation of our review policy. Evidence of such can result in expulsion or suspension from our site. Review “padding” is not allowed. Padding occurs when an Advertiser or its’ employee(s) submits a review of the Advertisers own listing. Review “padding” can result in expulsion or suspension at the sole discretion of legal-marijuana finder
Advertiser understands and acknowledges the review guidelines set forth at legal-marijuana finder Advertiser agrees that having a paid listing does not give Advertiser the ability to have its reviews removed. Advertiser understands that violation of review policies can result in expulsion or suspension from the site. The advertiser also agrees no refunds will be processed for advertisers expelled or suspended from legal marijuana finder for review policy violations.

What Makes For a Great Review?

Reviews should be useful, funny, and cool because people like you take the time to share thoughtful insights on local medical marijuana dispensaries and doctors’ offices. The best reviews are personal and experiential and tend to offer helpful suggestions, perhaps even an insider tip or two. The most useful reviews sometimes make mention of unique qualities that make the collective/clinic special or the type of person who might also like this business. You can now write a review update when you have a new experience to share about a business, but updating with only a re-hash of your original experience isn’t useful, funny, or cool.


legalmarijuanafinder.com and its affiliates (the “Company” or “We”) affirms that it does not perform any due diligence on any information, ownership or content on any of the Company’s clients or customers. The Company makes no claims as to the authenticity of third-party information. The Company does not require verification or inspection of products or services provided, verification or state or local licensing status, and/or accuracy of information provided by clients, customers, and/or third parties. The Company does not endorse, approve, certify, or control third-party content and does not guarantee or assume responsibility for the accuracy of the content provided by any third party. Information is provided for the convenience of site users and any claims or reference to dispensaries’ legal status has not been verified.

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