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international business marijuana     You can put categories slider international business marijuana in every page or make it appear as a widget using Visual Composer

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This shortcode is used to display the Business Categories slider.
Business Categories slider contains all business categories listed in a parent-children hierarchy. Beside each category is an index referring to the number of businesses with said category. Clicking a category displays a page with all businesses having said category.
It can be used anywhere within WordPress where shortcodes are supported, prima be within the content of a WordPress post or

Example:international business marijuana


  • cat_slider_ttl: (optional)
    The title of this slider.
  • international business marijuana
    Default value: empty.
  • nav: (optional)
    Whether to enable or disable navigation for this slider.
    Accepted values: true, false.
    Default value: false.
  • loop: (optional)
  • international business marijuana
    Infinitely loop the slides.
    Accepted values: true, false.
    Default value: false.
  • rows: (optional)
    On how many rows to represent this slider.
    Default value: 1.

How to use it:

This shortcode can be added in one of 2 ways:

  1. Copy and paste the shortcode into the content area of a post or page, adding the suitable attributes.
  2. Using the visual composer, navigate to the page editor and choose to add element (the ‘+’ icon). Then click on the tab entitled ‘Wyzi Content’, from there choose ‘Business Categories’. After that, you’ll get to enable/disable the slider’s options (Slider Title, Navigation, Loop and Rows).