How To start a Marijuana Business real info YOU NEED


How To start a Marijuana Business real info YOU NEED

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The Smart Trick of how To start a marijuana business That No One is Discussing

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To start a marijuana business first you have to have a dream of cannabis business 

second, you need a plan 

3rd you need a location make sure that location is in a license area where you can do business legally without any problems you can lease it or buy it leasing it is a lot cheaper unless you have good credit you can buy it but you’ll be stuck with the building if everything doesn’t work out but you can always resell the building for what you paid for it so it’s not a big deal 

after you have a location planned out you need the proper licensing with the city the business license the state whichever state you’re in code enforcement that all sounds like a big deal but it’s not a big deal but plan on two months of your building being under construction and waiting for permits so plan on two months rent while you’re waiting for permits

 How To start a marijuana business the things you need to open the doors you have the first 2A dream in a plan and now you have a location so now you’re gonna need a way to advertise the marijuana business and if you’re reading this you’re on legal marijuana Finder where you can set up a store and promote your business for free or you can get a featured ad for a little bit more which will help pump out the sales it’s worth the money but the main thing is to get your feet wet have a place to advertise a with legal marijuana Finder we have a QR code so you can make a product’s page and then with that product page you have a QR code that you can blast all over Facebook Instagram all the social media that’s out there without getting red-flagged and delete it nothing is worse than getting your Instagram deleted after you have 100,000 followers 

advertise marijuana business

How To start a marijuana business you’re gonna need a software system to run urine track your marijuana inventory depending upon the state you’re in there are different qualifications of what you need to track for the marijuana from seed to sale you email me I’ll give you a list of software that you can run for $250 a month they’ll do all the tracking for you makes it Stoner proof super simple 

How To start a marijuana business you’re gonna need a safe to store your product I usually get a not a gun safe because gun safe is not a safe you’re gonna need a jeweler safe which is a TL 30 by 30 by 6 that means it’s 30 minutes to drill 1 hole through the safe from UL labs has been tested they storm diamonds and cash and jewelry and saves like this so that’s what you want when you have your marijuana my safe is 6 feet tall by three feet wide and 30 inches deep I can hold 30 pounds of marijuana in there and that’s about what each store will usually keep on hand 

How To start a marijuana business you’ll need a surveillance system I like to use Swann surveillance systems you can buy him cheap online or at fry’s electronics they were good they have a QR code I can set him up in the hour and a half watch it from your phone have alarms it’ll record offsite and that’s what you want you wanna make sure that you record off-site so you have a server setup that records off-site so that if they break in and steal your DVR then you still have evidence who did it 

you’ll need counters cash register employees won’t be hard to find put it out on Craigslist and you’ll have one a minute for every two weeks applying for the job find people that you could trust are reliable don’t be friends with them by their boss as soon as they’re not cutting it or you don’t trust them to let them go marijuana is a hard business to advertise in that’s why we’re here to help you push out the message make a platform for you to show your products so you can post products right away you can advertise to bring your customers to your page with the QR code fast and easy save with no red flags on any of your Instagram see you’ll need a bank account 

the hardest part about owning a dispensary is not letting it get to your head In California there are 6800 dispensaries in just California each dispensary averages about $1,000,000 in sales so that brings home $600,000 per dispensary times 6800 dispensaries in California alone which is the majority of the United States the rest of the United States is another 12,000 dispensary’s not to mention all the other the vendors an extraction artist and every other kind of edibles another kind of marijuana businesses that are out there we welcome all the marijuana business worldwide to list here show your product 

there’s a lot more to the marijuana business than just having a business and thinking marijuana business is cool we’re providing a service to people that need it marijuana has been a medicine for thousands of years for 4000 years they’ve traced it back as medicine I’ve had 16 dispensaries in the last 10 years in California so I know what I’m talking about California has changed quite a bit the rest of the country is starting to catch up I welcome the rest of the country to catch up to what marijuana has become in California well the first step is to start your dream have a little cash and don’t be scared just jump in and start Any questions you have to email me here at And I will shoot you the right direction and give you links to whatever you need but you found the right spot by coming here start your adventure today by making an account and setting up your store welcome to the marijuana business community legal marijuana Finder 

how To start a marijuana business

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