How to Open a Marijuana Dispensary in 2021

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How to Open a Marijuana Dispensary in 2021

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How to Open a Marijuana Dispensary in 2021

It’s 2021 and you’re thinking about opening a marijuana dispensary well you’ve come to the right place to find out the real information I have opened 16 dispensaries in the last 10 years in California so I kind of know the ends and outs I’ve been in the marijuana industry for 32 years now I was one of the first people to start growing in 1996 under the medical marijuana laws thanks to doctor Idleman.

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Well, I’m going to give you the advice that you need to know to open a marijuana dispensary in the United States in 2021.

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How to Open a Marijuana Dispensary in 2021

How to Open a Marijuana Dispensary in 2021

first thing about is this what I really want to do are you the kind of person that wants to be in a dispensary around marijuana all day long seven days a week.

I know it sounds fun right now just hanging out playing with marijuana all day long playing with scales well there’s a lot more to it than that but yeah it is a lot of fun it does get addicting the action the money there’s always girls want to work for you.

so now you must decide are you going to rent a building and find a cool landlord or are you going to buy a building and put it on your credit if you can do it on your credit it’s a lot better .in one hand you have the building and you can always resell the building on the second hand you have all your investment in the building so cash is King remember cash is King.

How to Open a Marijuana Dispensary in 2021 so now you decided that you’re going to make a plan so we have an attorney that you can contact output in down below if you’re interested in or find an attorney that you’re happy with to make sure there are marijuana attorney because regular attorneys will never give you any advice to get into the marijuana business because they are risking their career I’m telling you to do something that is potentially illegal and they’ll tell you some ******** about federal and all this other stuff but realistically each marijuana dispensary makes $1,000,000 a year in sales that’s cash money and that’s a small dispensary some dispensary’s do $1,000,000 a month like I believe Harborside does $2,000,000 a month in their Oakland store.

  1. So, you decided you’re going to go into the marijuana business is your plan #1
  2. check the zoning with the city for making sure the billions that you want to rent, or purchase are in the marijuana Green Zone with code enforcement of that local city
  3. now that you’ve found the location and secured it and it’s in a Green Zone permitted by the County you apply for local and state licenses
  4. In doing that you’ll form a Corporation or a nonprofit organization
  5. Have plenty of cash on hand for your building Improvements
  6. you will need to purchase in a safe make sure it’s a TL60 by 30 by 30 or better
  7. you will Camera security system you will also need a camera security system plan that you’ll turn into your licensing for California
  8. for licensing you’ll need diagrams of your building where the cameras are going to be where everything is going to be located
  9. you’ll need fixtures looks counters chairs waiting room TV’s ATM machine buzzer doors, so you’ll need money for all that
  10. the advertising you’ll need money for advertising you can advertise here for free for one store or you can get a premium account on legal marijuana Finder it’s just one click you’re on the website will put a link in here free to Click to the sign-up page or just go to the top of the page & up one clicks with Google super easy
  11. after six months of waiting for your licensing, you should have your license you should have your building all built out and ready to open waiting for your permits takes between six months and a year sometimes 18 months
  12. Do I need to have packaging compliant with the state that you’re in California needs to be childproof packaging along with Oregon most states are have packaging will have a link to packaging in here where you can buy packaging?
  13. you will need to find vendors to buy marijuana products an edible everything to stock your shelves pre-rolls legal marijuana Finder is a good place to find vendors
  14. you’ll need to have a management team an employee
  15. you will need a tracking system to track all the marijuana that comes into the store all the marijuana that sold all the stuff that’s given away
  16. you will need to advertise and find employees for your store this is a lot harder than you think lots of girls with skimpy clothes will show up but it’s hard to trust these people with your marijuana which is like gold and easily taken and resold or just shrinkage
  17. you’ll need some kind of security you can hire A security guard there usually between 18 to $25.00 an hour extra dollar an hour for them to have a gun
  18. We Will need display shelves in the cash register and security doors so they can’t run in and can’t run out so usually we build a mantrap which is 2 door rooms that only one door opens at a time so if they try to Rob you, they get stuck in the mantrap
  19. 19 you’re ready to open your advertising’s in place your phone lines hooked up you have employees’ congratulations you’re there
  20. it’s the end of the daytime to count your money smoke a big fat one and enjoy your first day of your first dispensary and the rest of your life

this is a Tl60x60x60 safe

That Safe weighs 9000 pounds for you dispensary

cost to open a dispensary

cost to open a dispensary

We are going to talk about the costs it takes to open a dispensary whether it be in California

or how to open a marijuana dispensary in Washington state each one will be a little bit different but all still basically the same rules of how you find the information and where you go to get it.

I will show you the right directions on where to get your legal marijuana dispensary set up what kinds of things it’s going to take to get it what you’re going to have to spend money on how much money you’re going to have to spend.

first, we’ll talk about location renting or buying that will change the price quite a bit.

let’s say we’re going to rent which will be the cheaper of the two well they’re really basically about the same cause you can get a down payment on a building if you have good credit for about the same price as you’re going to put it deposit up on a rental.

  1. so, let’s say $25,000 to get in in a rental that be first and last and deposit

then you’re going to need security upgrades a renovation camera system will be about $5000 for a real system that works.

securing the doors and access will be anywhere from 503 thousand depending upon how secure you need it figure in about another 10,000 for buildouts.

you going to need a safe for your products that’s about $5000.

you’re going to need money for product I would say start about $50,000 with the product.

you could go with less, but it’ll be harder for you to build your money and get going so even if you only have 25,000 for product, you’ll get going but 50,000 is basic.

plan on having some money for your lawyer about 25 to 50,000 just to have a good lawyer you can ask questions too as you go along in this process.

advertising you’ll need an advertising budget the bigger the budget the faster you’ll make money.

so if you have to start on Instagram you have to find tricky ways to market your business the best way is to go on a few different marijuana websites this one you can have a free listing or you can pay for advanced listing which will really boost your sales it’s worth the money but if not find all the free listings you can get and the word will spread faster than you could imagine but you do have to put some effort into being seen you can’t just sit in your building and wait for someone to show up .

  • $25,000 building
  • $10,000 build out
  • $5,000   security system
  • $5,000 tl30x30 safe
  • 50,000 product to stock
  • $5,000 advertising
  • $45,000    First 2 months over head   
  • Total $145,000  will get you open and 2 months to learn every thing
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this was my dispensary in Vista ca I opened for $145,000 and made 1 Million a year until i got shut down

Remember every dispensary usually makes about $1,000,000 a year in sales the small little ones are equal to about $1,000,000 in sales you can do that in 1400 to 2500 square feet it will be a little sketchy, but you will make the money better than to have a nice building that does not make the money remember least amount of money in maximum amount of money out.

don’t think that this is going to last forever so just make as much money as you can as fast as possible and hope for it to last as long as possible, but I don’t see dispensaries as being a long-lasting business opportunity, but I do see you making a lifetime of money in a few years and if you’re smart you’ll put it away and when it all falls apart you’ll have plenty of money to live on the rest of your life

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