How do I create a profile for my dispensary?

Please follow these steps to add a new dispensary to legalmarijuanafinder.com

    1. Log in to your accoun
    2. Click the ‘Add Dispensary’ button and enter your dispensary detail

All new dispensary submissions are reviewed by legalmarijuanafinder , and we may need to contact you for more information. Once we’ve verified your details, your dispensary listing will be published and go live on legalmarijuanafinder.

Managing Your Profile

  • How do I update my dispensary details?

    Once you have successfully claimed your dispensary, you can manage your dispensary profile via the ‘My Account’ > ‘My Dispensaries’ admin section.

    If you do not see this section it might mean that your dispensary is not yet linked to your account, and you will need to claim it if you haven’t yet done so.

    If you’ve already claimed it but don’t see the ‘My Dispensaries’ section in your account, your request may still be under review. Please contact support if you haven’t heard back from us within 2 business days.


  • I’ve added my dispensary, how do I publish it?

    Once you’ve added your dispensary, your submission will be reviewed by Weedsta staff who may need to contact you to verify your details.

    Once we have verified your details, your profile will be published. However, until your submission is verified, your dispensary listing will show as ‘Not Published’.

Managing Your Orders

  • How do I see my received orders?

    Once you have received an order, you should see a ‘My Received Orders’ section under ‘My Account’.

    Please note, this link will only be displayed once you’ve received your first order.

  • What do I do once I’ve received an order?

    To let the customer know you’ve received their order, you’ll need to update its status to ‘Processing’ in ‘My Account ‘ > ‘My Received Orders’.

    Once it’s been dispatched, or is ready for store pickup, you will need to update the status accordingly.

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