99$ a month marijuana advertising get you this with Legal Marijuana Finder

99$ a month marijuana advertising get you this with Legal Marijuana Finder

20 Mile Exposure
20 Images
Verified Map Icon
Advanced Menu & Products
Promoted Daily Deals
Page 1 of Results
Online Pre-Ordering
Business Analytics
Call Tracking
Marketing Materials

99$ a month marijuana advertising get you this with Legal Marijuana Finder1

$99 a month marijuana advertising with legal marijuana Finder will get you 20-mile exposure so everybody within 20 miles will be blasted out to see your dispensary or marijuana business.
you can post 20 images on your site you’ll get your Internet web page where you can post your products with a QR code so people will be able to wave their phone and see your QR code will bring them instantly to your product’s page of whatever marijuana or cannabis products you have for sale.

you get a verified icon on the map so people be brought instantly anet get directions to your store so your store will be found easily backed up by Google.
with the $99 a month pro program you’ll get advanced menu products features so it’ll promote your product better than the standard for free you get on the advanced featured products page which comes before everything else so it’s worth the $99 a month it won’t be hard to make the $99 a month back to customers and you’re good to go.

with the $99 a month package for your marijuana or cannabis business advertising, you will get a daily promotion deal where you can promote a daily deal which will be shown on the front page in text out to thousands of people.
you’ll get one page where you can list your one store for $99 a month with a QR code so you can list people to come to your page through waving a smartphone over your QR code will bring them right to whatever page you want and you can promote that on social media without any red flags the way to go.
you can also get online pre-ordering so your regular customers can pre-pay and pre-order online so you can have the sales-ready to pick up easily inconvenient during the coronavirus that might be for benefit.
marketing materials we have lots of other marketing materials where we will S EO your page for maximum Google response so you will come to the top of the Google search results shortly after optimizing your page once you’ve completed incorrectly then millions of people will see your products right away.
Legal marijuana Finder has been in the marijuana advertising industry since 2012 we’ve been helping marijuana businesses promote their business effortlessly and simple so they can take care of the business that they’re in in and not worry about marijuana advertising or all the other social media markings that you have to hire people to take care of we’re a one-stop shop package ready to roll we also offer media packages where we can send out email blast to over 12,000 dispensary’s or 50,000 marijuana patients you can sign up for our text blast we can also do a PR marketing where we give a link to your product’s page on 5000 of our affiliate sites to help boost your America your marijuana business and promote your brand right away we’re already set up with the Facebook Pinterest YouTube And Google to market your business we’ve been doing this for years we know what actually works to get your business seen get customers in your door get the deals done so welcome aboard to the legal marijuana Finder marijuana business advertising platform where we work for you