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420 MD – Berkeley

Address : Berkeley, CA 94704, USA

Phone No.: 5102049999

Email Address: binarydata2015@gmail.com

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About Us

420 MD Berkeley - Medical Marijuana Evaluations Center Come in today to meet our professional and respectful staff. - We provide an easy NO hassle process (Takes less than 15 min) - You will be seen by a CA Medical Board Licensed MD - We pride ourselves in being 100% Confidential (HIPAA Standards) - Recommendations are Valid for 1 Year and include 24/7 Online and PhoneVerification - Free parking - Walk-ins are Welcome 7 days a week 420 MD offers exceptional medical cannabis evaluations. Our mission is to ensure everyone can be evaluated to see if medical marijuana is something that can benefit them with their medical conditions. Our California licensed doctors will never turn away anyone who needs an evaluation. Under the guidelines outlined in Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act, passed by California voters in 1996, medical cannabis is legal in the state of California. We offer superior customer service and the finest quality cannabis cards. 420 MD’s physicians and staff are experienced, professional and considerate-committed to helping people. Our licensed physician will explain your options in detail about getting your medical cannabis license. If you are looking for the medical marijuana doctor who will be compassionate and sympathetic to your needs and will truly listen to what you have to say, 420 MD is the best choice for obtaining your medical marijuana card. When you become a medical marijuana patient with us, you will receive a professional marijuana recommendation letter from our 420 MD and a cannabis card that will allow you to legally use marijuana in California.


AddressBerkeley, CA 94704, USA

Call Us - 1-900-777-1234

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